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Burglary Prevention Methods

By 10th August 2021September 10th, 2021No Comments

There is a range of security options for protecting your home from intruders. These measures are simple but effective, from replacing locks when moving into a new house to fitting deadbolts. 

In this month’s blog at Chelmsford Lock And Safe Company we look at a range of effective burglary prevention methods. Call us in Chelmsford on 01245 352564 for more information.  

Deter Intruders

Your property is less likely to catch the attention of burglars if there are simple security measures in place. The best prevention method is to install locks on doors and windows.

Some of the vulnerable areas of your home include:

  • Doors and Windows
  • Garages
  • Sheds
  • Gates

Make sure you keep valuables, such as laptops, house keys and jewellery, out of sight. You don’t want the building to look like a desirable target with a high chance of reward for intruders. 

Secure Doors and Windows

Doors and easy-to-access windows are the most common methods of access burglars use. Because of this, ensuring these areas are secure is essential. 

To make sure your property is secure, when you move into a new home, have the locks replaced. This will ensure that you know where all the keys are and who has access. You also can install deadbolt locks on all exterior doors to increase the difficulty of gaining access and even a solid bar on them for additional strength.  

By installing locks with keys on all easy-to-access windows, they become challenging to open from the outside. Anti-snap locks and sash jammers can additionally secure these areas. 

Make Your Property Look Occupied

You should leave the property looking occupied to deter potential intruders when going out for the day or several weeks on holiday. Even if you are only sitting out in the back garden, make sure the front doors and windows are secured. 

Keeping the radio and lights on in rooms around the house will make it look like someone is home. You can connect them to automatic timers, so they turn on and off at regular intervals. It can also be beneficial to let a trusted neighbour know you will be out so they can keep an eye out for any suspicious activity on your premises.  

Find Out More

Contact our team at Chelmsford Lock And Safe Company in Chelmsford for more information about the range of burglary prevention methods available. Call us on 01245 352564 to consult an expert. Alternatively, send us a message via the contact form for a swift response. 

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