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The Benefits of Master Key Systems.

By 27th July 2021April 21st, 2022No Comments

Installing a master key system on your property offers increased security for goods and machinery. It also provides efficient ease of access for business owners, staff members and other trusted people.

In this month’s blog at Chelmsford Lock And Safe Company we look at the benefits of master key systems. Call us on 01245 352564 for more information.

What Are Master Key Systems?

A master system is a key plan where specific keys can unlock several doors. Businesses and institutions often use them to ensure all or most doors can be opened by a responsible person, such as a caretaker or manager.

In a standard lock system, there are two sets of pins that raise when pushed against by the right key. A master has an additional pin that can open all doors using the same system.

Efficient and Versatile

Having a master system installed is convenient and efficient. Instead of carrying a large ring of keys around, business owners and other responsible people can use one to unlock all or most of the doors on their premises.

These systems are easy to use because one key can unlock everything, so responsible employees have swift access to a range of areas. This convenient system also has benefits over a digital system as a power-outage won’t affect it.

Landlords can use master systems to gain access to properties if their tenants have lost their keys. An additional benefit in this situation is that the lock can be re-keyed rather than replacing the whole thing, and your master will still work.


Companies will have more control over who has access to specific areas on the premises. With additional supervision over who can enter which places, the security of the site is improved.

Valuable information, goods and machinery can be secured with access only granted to certain staff members. Business owners can be confident that their property is safe as they will be able to account for all the masters if any issues occur.

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