Master Key Systems in Essex

Master Key Systems

We can provide master key systems for offices, sheltered housing, schools etc. As well as for padlocks, display cabinets etc.

Master key systems are very flexible and can be used on almost any number of locks e.g. on flats, each flat would have an individual key (which may also for the main door.) Flats may be divided into groups (floors maybe), and a sub master key would fit only the cleaning cupboards or storerooms, for example, or the offices, padlocks etc. The master key would fir everything – the sky’s the limit!

Simple keying alike can also be done to enable individual locks to be opened with the same key.

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Registered / Restricted Keys

Various locks can be supplied which use keys which can only be obtained by you or a nominated person/ organisation, ensuring that if a key is temporarily given, they cannot obtain copies which you wouldn’t know about.

High Security Key Systems

Many modern locks use pin tumbler (Yale) type keys, UPVC doors for example. Replacement lock cylinders can be supplied of various levels of security. On basic locks of the type there may be 10,000 different keys (differs). On very high security cylinders, there may be trillions (so no likelihood of your neighbour finding a key to fit).

As well as being anti pick, high security lock cylinders may be anti drill, anti bump and anti snap.

On some types there is a facility by which, if a key is left on the inside of the lock cylinder, a key inserted in the outside with override it, removing a common cause of lockouts.

Safe Installation

We supply and install most types of safes.

Burglary Prevention

We can offer locks to insurance.

Key Cutting

We can cut most types of keys either in our vans or at our premises.

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For further information on any of the services we offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch and a member of our team will be delighted to assist you.