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Losing your car keys can be frustrating. It can happen to anyone, and when it does, it can disrupt your plans for the day or even the week. Whether you misplaced your keys or had them stolen, there are several steps you can take to get back on the road.

This month’s blog at Chelmsford Lock & Safe Company offers tips for when you lose your car keys. For information, call us on 01245 352564.

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Look For Your Keys

The first thing to do when you realise your car keys are missing is to look for them. It may seem like an obvious step, but it’s essential to check your pockets, bags, and any other places you may have left them.

Retrace your steps and think about where you last had them. If you still can’t find them, move on to the next step.

Call Your Mechanic or Dealership

If you have a spare key, you can call your dealership or mechanic and ask them to make a new key for you. They will need your vehicle identification number (VIN) and may require proof of ownership.

Even if you don’t have a spare key, they may still be able to help you, but it will be more expensive. Keep in mind that it may take a few days for them to order the key and program it to your car.

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Call A Locksmith

If you don’t have a spare key, you can call a locksmith to make a new key for you. Locksmiths are trained professionals who can create a new key for your car on-site.

They will come to your location and use special tools to create a new key. This service can be costly, so be prepared to pay a fee.

Call Roadside Assistance

If you have roadside assistance, call them and explain the situation. They may be able to help you retrieve a spare key or provide a tow to your dealership or mechanic.

Roadside assistance can be a lifesaver in situations like this, so if you don’t already have it, it’s worth considering

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Replace your car’s Locks

If you lost your keys and are concerned that someone may have stolen them, you may want to replace your car’s locks. This is an extreme measure, but it can give you peace of mind and prevent someone from stealing your car.

Keep in mind that replacing the locks can be expensive and time-consuming, so only do this if you’re truly concerned about your car’s security.

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For more information about what to do when you lose your car keys, contact Chelmsford Lock & Safe Company. Call us in Chelmsford on 01245 352564. Alternatively, send us a message via our contact form.

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