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Locks are often overlooked in their importance, as the forefront of your homes security it is important to maintain locks to ensure your homes long lasting safety. The peace of mind this brings makes the endeavour of maintaining them worthwhile, so we always recommend actioning this.

This month’s blog at Chelmsford Lock and Safe Company we discuss how you can help your locks last. For more, call us in Chelmsford on 01245 352564.

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Check Door Positioning

If your door is hanging down due to incorrect hinge positioning, this can put unneeded pressure on the doors lock, gradually wearing it down. This simple repositioning of the door on its hinges will have long term benefit, preventing lock failure and ultimately a compromise to your home’s security.

This issue is not always visible, but opening and closing the door, only to be met with scraping resistance it the tell-tale sign of this issue and should be amended particularly with front doors. Common caused include paint under door hinges, or even simply the need for a complete replacement of the door.

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Keep Your Keys Clean

Keys that contain dirt and grit within their grooves will cause debris to be deposited into the lock’s complex inner mechanism. This process is gradual yet wearing, causing stiffness and eventually a jam in the lock either preventing locking, or unlocking of the door, neither result being a desirable outcome. Simply wiping down your keys from time to time will prevent this issue completely, also storing keys in clean environments will minimise debris build up.

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Clean The Lock Interior

If debris build-up does occur, or even as a cautionary process, interior lock cleaning is advisable and will ensure lock efficiency. One method ideal for such a task is compressed air, blowing this into the keyhole will clean out even the most minute corners of the mechanism, preventing debris build up quickly.

Oils is actually a bad choice, as the oil and debris mix creates a gritty paste in the mechanism, only speeding up the process and jamming the lock. Powdered graphite is also a tried-and-true method for fixing stiffened locks.

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