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5 Places You Shouldn’t Hide Your House Keys

The security of your house keys is essential. It may be tempting to keep a spare set hidden somewhere obvious in case you get locked out. However, you should never compromise on your home’s security.

This month’s blog at Chelmsford Lock & Safe Company looks at where you shouldn’t hide your house keys. For more information, call us in Chelmsford on 01245 352564.

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Under Garden Rocks

Some homeowners do hide their keys under rocks. However, they are easily spotted by passers-by. Fake rocks are also becoming a popular hiding space, but homeowners tend to forget that burglars are quite clever at knowing the little tricks.
The only time you should do so is if the rock is difficult to lift. This may deter you in an emergency but will keep your keys safe.

In Your Wallet

Digital door locks can be used on a variety of premises, including:
People lose their wallets every day and it is surprising how many people keep their keys there. This makes it easier for a thief to acquire your key, as well as providing them with an address to use it.
Your wallet most likely contains ID, so it will be easy for them to find your home and burgle it before you even realise it’s missing.

On Top Of Your Doorway

The top of your doorway is also another obvious place to stash your key. Not only is it visible, it’s easy to grab – unless they are short. There is nothing secure about keeping a spare key on your door frame.

Under Flower Pots

Hiding your house keys in plant pots is just as common as hiding them under rocks. Not only will thieves check under the pot, but they will also check inside.

As it is a method thieves have seen often, they won’t be afraid to check – especially if it means quick 

Under Your Door Mat

Finally, the doormat is the first common place a burglar will look to find a key. Placing your house key under a doormat is such an age-old practice, you may as well hand the keys over yourself.