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Benefits of Multipoint Door Locks

By 16th February 2021July 27th, 2021No Comments

Multipoint door locks offer advantages over other types like a lever mortice. Whether you have a timber or UPVC door, these systems are a worthwhile investment.

In this week’s blog at Chelmsford Lock And Safe Company, we are looking at the many benefits of installing multipoint door locks at your property.

What Are Multipoint Door Locks?

Commonly used in new UPVC doors, multipoint locking systems consist of several bolts and hooks that secure doors and windows tightly against their frames. Normally, one hook is at the top of the frame and another is at the bottom with a deadbolt near the centre.

The system is engaged when you pull the handle up or down. Once the bolts and hooks are in place they are locked tightly by the turn of a key. If a key isn’t turned, it is easy to disengage the system by pulling the handle in the opposite direction and opening the entranceway.

Enhanced Security

One of the primary benefits of multipoint locks is that they offer more security than other systems because of the number of bolts and hooks. As the complex is difficult to break into, it can act as a deterrent to potential intruders.

Some additional security measures for your doors and windows can include an anti-snap lock and sash jammers. The anti-snap product is resistant to picking and can prevent the lock from snapping.

Sash jammers are suitable for most types of UPVC windows and doors. If the system in a window is broken, for example, they can prevent it from opening.

Save Money

Because of the bolts and hooks, the weight of the door or window is spread over more area, putting less pressure on the hinges than a single bolt. This reduces wear and abrasion so the components of the entranceway last longer and don’t require replacing or repairing as often.

Multipoint systems are also energy-efficient, saving you money on heating and bills. Because the doors and windows are pulled tightly against the frames, they reduce draughts and improve insulation.

Easily Repaired

With all the moving parts of hooks, bolts, rollers and mushrooms, issues can occur in different areas of the system. If there are problems, however, it does not necessarily need to be completely replaced.

A professional can find and fix or replace individual areas without taking it all apart. Usually, it is the gearbox that becomes compromised and that is easily replaced or repaired.

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