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5 Steps To Maintain Your Door Locks

By November 21, 2022January 17th, 2023No Comments

Having a secure and good door lock could be all you need to prevent a potential burglar. But like most things, if they aren’t kept in good condition they could damage and become difficult to use. These 5 tips should stop that.

Here at Chelmsford Lock & Safe Company, this month’s blog looks at 5 tips you can use to help maintain the welfare of your door locks. For any lock and safe services in Chelmsford, call us for more information, 01245 352564.

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Check How Your Door Is Hung

A misaligned door means that your lock’s deadbolt and strike plate won’t align. This creates pressure and makes it difficult to use. Look at your hinges door and tighten them up. You may also need to replace the hinges or the screws. However, if you’re unsure, get a professional to take a look for you.

Clean Your Locks

Although it may seem simple, cleaning your locks is an important step. Check your manufacturer’s instructions, as the majority recommend a damp rag. Most door locks will usually have a protective coating to ensure that it will withstand regular use for many years. There’s no need to use harsh chemicals.

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Lubricate Your Locks

Once the outside of your door lock is clean, it’s time to clean the inside. By lubricating your door locks every 6 months, it will help prevent sticking or difficulty in turning. For the small moving parts such as the cylinder of the lock, try use a dry lube such as graphite powder.

Something people tend to use is WD40. Although this can be a quick fix, it can become gummy and attract dirt, making your lock difficult to use again.

Adjust Your Locks

Look at how your lock aligns. If you have to lift, push or pull the door to operate the lock even after the door is hung correctly, then it’s possible you may have to adjust the lock as well.

If the deadbolt and the strike plate don’t line up, then your lock isn’t secure as it should be. Tighten the fixings of both the lock and the strike plate to ensure that it’s aligned and working with ease.

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Only Make Copies Of The Original Key

Whenever you copy keys, they are bound to have imperfections. Especially when you copy a copy. The tiny imperfections will add up. This then leads to you having a key that no longer works.

We recommend to anyone, that you should only make copies from the original key to minimise this. Also storing one of the original keys away for copy use only is a good idea. This then means it can’t be worn down by any use.

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